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Hi, my name is Felix.

Earlier this year I read a great article by Nathan Barry called "13 tips for making the switch from a consumer to a creator" and it got me thinking. I enjoy reading about the inspiring journeys of startups, the latest crazes of tech and passionate projects of indie hackers. But it always felt like I am looking into this world from the outside, while everybody else was already inside it.

I admire the people who write about their journeys and experiences, helping others overcome their obstacles and motivate them to follow their own path. And I have a special kind of respect for those who not only share their stories of success, but also that it's normal if things don't work out as expected.

So, when I read the the article of Nathan Barry I suddenly realized that there was nothing stopping me from putting myself out there as well. In fact, starting to write about my own projects and experiences might even help me stay on track and stay motivated in the long run.

My plan for now is to give some behind-the-scenes look into projects that I will start in the future, sprinkled with the occasional post of things I learned around the topics of a full-stack solopreneur. stack

First order of business: telling the curious the stack for this site. Although I am most comfortable with Laravel, I wanted to keep this blog as simple as possible. So, no servers to manage and no database. I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted to use a static site generator and because I know enough Vue.js I decided on Gridsome:

  • Gridsome (Vue.js SSG) - complete front-end, super fast, easy to set up

  • Netlify - no-hassle hosting, building & deploying

  • Netlify CMS - backend, manages posts via git

  • Tailwind CSS - made me like using CSS 🤯