Things I've made, failed and succeeded with.

I've been part of a bunch of cool projects over the years, these here are my absolute favorites. Each one provided a distinct challenge and learning experience, which made them incredibly rewarding and unforgettable.

  • SaaSculator

    A little tool to help calculate payment provider costs for founders thinking about starting a Software as a Service business.

  • Realitycloud

    Online service to host, view and interact with 3D scans of real-life places. Realitycloud hosted 3D scans of buildings and objects as point clouds. Advanced laser scanning and high-resolution images were used to create the models. Once on the web platform, they could be used for measurements, offsite inspections and to create interactive tours.

  • ThreadStart

    Social media management SaaS for Twitter. It featured advanced analytics, thread scheduling, and a smart social inbox to manage engagements.

    Sold in August 2023.

  • Indie Business GPT

    An assistant that walks you through the creation of a niche indie business. From idea, to creation and finding your first customers.